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We at the TheGlutaShop.com are glad to serve you with your gluta and other products’ needs.

Rest assured that we’ll process your order personally, update you the status of your ordered products and do our best to earn your trust for a positive online shopping experience with us.

International shipments(outside Philippines)

  • We have shipped to different countries, and it is best to contact us for shipping inquiries to your country. Some countries have restrictions, and other countries we can’t ship at all. We encourage the buyer or client to check with their customs office about importing glutathione products since each country may have different customs regulations.
  • We have just also started to update our ‘Proof of Shipment’ page where you can see our current clients.
  • We can share our experience on our shipment to a buyer’s country, like if one of our clients in the same country with the buyer experienced customs charges/duties, etc., but we can’t guarantee that what a previous buyer has experienced will also be the same or will also be experienced by future or other buyers/customers.
  • Clients shoulder shipping charges.
  • Shipping cost depends on the destination country and the weight of the package.
  • Tracking number/id will also be provided for shipments that we have processed.
  • Tracking of orders are also a responsibility of clients/buyers, although we also check from time to time.
  • The client is responsible for all duties, tariffs, customs laws and taxes in his/her country.
  • When we ship outside Philippines, we remove the syringes/butterfly and sterile water since these are not allowed
  • We are not responsible for customs restrictions, tariffs, duties, taxes or any regulations in your country (outside Philippines).

Since January 2014, we had only about 1% unsuccessful shipment. 1 Unsuccessful shipment was for Dubai, reason being when it was received at Dubai customs, a “HUGE” influx of gluta injectable shipments from Vietnam was also received. Because of this, the customs there thought that the items’ purpose are already for bulk commercial sale there, and not for personal use. If you are in Dubai, do contact us so we can enlighten you on how to have your order successfully delivered.

For a Japan shipment: We had a shipment to Japan in which the client insisted to include syringes and butterfly needles. We don’t suggest and recommend including these. Shipment was held by customs and was not released to client.

Update May 27, 2015: Experienced another unsuccessful shipment for a package for Dubai.

Update January 15, 2015: We resumed shipping to UAE on December. We had 2 shipments, on December, both successful. But still we can’t 100% guarantee future shipments won’t be held by customs in UAE.

If Shipment On Hold or Seized by Buyers Country’s Custom Office

The buyer or client is responsible to negotiate and contact their local customs office for release of their package. We will also help out the best we can, but we can’t guarantee that we can provide all documents that your local customs office may need(e.g. like a doctor’s prescription from your country if it is needed).

If a package is seized by the buyer’s country’s customs office, we can’t issue a refund. It is important that you get in touch with us first so we can inform you our experiences in shipping to a country

If product will be used for medical use, please check with your doctor first if the target product fits you.


Local Shipments(within Philippines)

  • Free shipping through LBC or JRS
  • receive the product 2 to 5 working days after payment

Replacement Policy:
– If a vial is broken, then we can only replace that specific vial and not the whole box/set.
– We will replace the product you ordered if it is not the correct product that we sent you.

Refund Policy
We generally don’t allow refunds of ordered items.

Place your order/s now by contacting us at https://theglutashop.com/contact-us/


  1. Ong Li Na

    Do you do international shipping? Singapore?

    1. Girl10

      Hi ma’am,

      Yes we do ship to Singapore. What brand are you interested in? Thanks

  2. Mhonica

    do you deliver gluta injectables abroad?

    1. Girl10

      Hi Ma’am Mhonica,

      Good day…soryy for the late reply maam..

      Yes maam we deliver at selected countries worldwide via DHL or ems/local postal office.

      For faster transaction pls sms/viber/whatsapp us at: +639336131814


    would like to know how fast shipping

    1. Girl10

      Hi Sir Ryan,

      Shipping delivery from 7 to 15 days through EMS/post ofis.


    i am residing in the USA. if i order now how how fast will it take for it to be shipped

    1. Girl10

      Hi Sir Ryan,

      Shipping delivery from 7 to 15 days through EMS/post ofis.

  5. Korina

    Can you ship to Australia.? Have you shipped your items to Australia before? Im just worried about the costum restriction..

    1. Girl10

      Hi ma’am Korina,

      Yes we have shipped a number of times to Australia, and so far, we haven’t encountered any problems with custom/import requirements. Please see our email for our suggestion ma’am.

  6. Malin dawring

    Hello please can I get the price list for your gluthatione 5gs and other whitening injections and how long it will take to ship to Nigeria ? Thank you.

    1. Girl10

      Hi and good day ma’am Malin,

      As mentioned in our email, the delivery date is about 7 to 15 working days ma’am. We have also sent you quotations ma’am. Thanks!

  7. Evan

    Hi, I just had a question. Do you ship to the US? I’ve been searching desperately for the Premium Plus formula of Ishigaki! 🙂

    1. Girl10

      Good day sir/ma’am,

      Yes we ship to US, but currently we don’t have Ishigaki Premium Plus po, but only have ishigaki ultrawhite. 🙁 We still don’t know when we will have premium in stock. Quotations if you are interested in Ultrawhite sent to your email ma’am/sir days ago. Thanks and let us know of any inquiries! 🙂

  8. Arns

    Hi do you ship in saudi? Thanks

    1. Girl10

      Good day, ma’am/sir! 🙂

      Yes, we do ship to KSA. Terms and conditions apply. We already sent you an email. Please check your inbox. You can also reach us through these number; whatsapp – 09335946990, viber – 09336131814 for faster transactions.

      Thanks and Have a nice day!

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