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Saluta Glutathione Injectables 600mg

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Saluta has Reduced Glutathione, which results in better absorption. So this reduced gluta is good for those looking for just pure glutathione. You can find below reviews from different people – positive and negative reviews with more details which can help you out.

The gluta comes in reduced form as white lyophilized powder in glass vial. Being lyophilized it retains the reduced form of glutathione that maintains 100% potent antioxidant action.

Package Includes:

  • 10 vials of 600mg Glutathione powder inside the box
  • 10 amps Vit C
  • 10 amps sterile water(not included for international orders outside Philippines)

Recommended Dosage:

For skin whitening sessions : twice a week session or every 3 days. You can also do double dosage for faster whitening result: 1200mg per session (2 vials). If you have achieved your wanted skin tone, maintenance of 2 sessions/month is recommended.


Whitening effects STILL vary with skin type, lifestyle and metabolism.
Faster results are seen if you limit your alcohol intake, caffeine intake, smoking, and other forms of vices that might lessen the anti-oxidant effect of your glutathione and vitamin C. And of course, you still need to avoid too much exposure from sunlight.



Some Feedback:

From mvillas08 of femalenetwork


  • On her sixth inject of 600 mg, had a white pale skin effect.
  • Received a number of compliments of her being white.
  • She also noticed that some days her skin glows, and in some days it doesn’t.
  • Will be sticking on Saluta after 6 boxes. If still have good reaction with this brand, then will stick with this. If not, then plan to use Reiki 1200mg after.
  • Not taking oral vitamin C or oral Gluta.

From Vain Jane candymag


  • On second to third box, already noticed the effect.
  • She also had a healthy lifestyle – no sodas(last soda was when she was on the 4th grade), no smoking, no coffee, drink alcohol but very often only.
  • She also sleeps in the morning since she’s a nurse and she’s up late.
  • She also really keeps away from sunlight – She hides from it.

From sblue cosmo


  • She has a dark skin, much like Venus Raj(or maybe 1 shade lighter)
  • 1 vial + Vit C, thrice a week
  • also taking oral gluta cosmo
  • On her 3rd vial, her skin was smoother.
  • On 4th vial, she met with her cousin – said that her skin is whiter.
  • On 6th vial, her boyfriend said that she’s already white.

From chinitang_makulet femalenetwork


  • Aside from this brand, she’s also taking tathion 307 + snowcaps on her non-IV days
  • She really saw her skin whitened fast.
  • She’s also blooming.
  • She has tried Ishigaki+Tationil before, but effect was slow on her.
  • Her first IV gluta is GSH Detox forte which only had a blooming effect on her.

From ilovemichie cosmo forum


  • injects twice a week and taking Vit C 2 times a day
  • On her first shot, didn’t feel any pain and side effects.
  • 2 days after the shot, noticed that her skin was smoother and softer.
  • Compared initial result to having glycolic peel.

From jenny.babe femalenetwork


  • She was having a hard time if she injects every other day since her veins collapses.
  • Injecting every 3 days.
  • Taking oral Vitamin C.
  • On her 6th vial, she noticed her skin tone evened out, and her tan lines vanishing.
  • Her pores on her arms also firmed.
  • Also using moisturing lotion, scrub and sunblock.

From Jhem


  • Planned to have sessions 3 times in a week
  • skin felt dry after 3rd session
  • After days went by, skin now has remarkable results
  • noticeable effect after the 5th session
  • skin got more smoother and even
  • The vitamin C dose was painful

From Rene at missabegaila blogspot


Im using saluta pang last 2vials q na po mamaya, so means naubos q na po ung 1 box q, although hindi q pa nakakamit ung kaputian na gusto q. Pero napansin q lang na.blooming ako, at nag seself inject po ako.. marunong na po kasi ako pagkatapos q pagpractisan ang mga vein ko for 2 weeks hahhaha 1200mg ako lagi every 3days


  • Noticed blooming effect on skin after a box.
  • doing self-injection
  • Saluta 1200mg every 3 days

From abegail of Missabegaila blogspot


  • Used Tationil before, and also tried 1 box of Saluta
  • 1st week – rashes and pimple break-out
  • pale white with Saluta
  • In her opinion, use saluta for fast pale whitening effect; use tationil for blushing skin(slow effect)
  • Experienced yellowish skin when on Ishigaki.
  • While on Tationil, got pinkish skin.

From Piel Blanca of pielblancastore blogspot


  • Had a radiant and glowing skin
  • lessened breakouts
  • 30 years old
  • gave 2 thumbs up

From silvertint of pinoyexchange


  • used 600mg once to twice a week
  • weight is 53 kgs
  • Started to see effect after 1 box
  • glowing and whitish skin

From shine58 of candymag


  • her routine: Laenenc or Saluta Tationil
  • got a glowing, fair and smooth skin

From shyfly of cosmo


  • She loved the results.
  • Saluta better than tatioinil for her.

From redhead69 of femalenetwork


  • She’s using the 1200mg.
  • So far, positive blooming effect.

From vanillachic89 cosmo website


  • On her 3rd box, some say that she glowed, although skin tone not yet even.

From Bikini Babe femalenetwork


  • On her second set
  • Super okay since it had fast lightening effect on her compared to others who used it.

From mimigirl femalenetwork


  • She’s pale white using this brand.

From babeblush femalenetwork


  • double dose of saluta 500mg
  • For the vitamin C, she experienced real pain even after mixing 5ml sterile water(so total of 9ml). Next time, will dilute more.


Negative Reviews

From ellgah of cosmo forum


  • She’s already on her 3rd box.
  • double dosage
  • Taking Vitamin E.
  • She didn’t notice any effect.

From Kristina skincaretalk


  • not positive effect
  • skin broke out, so had to stop

From cutebabe of femalenetwork


  • used 2 boxes of Saluta
  • double dosage two times a week
  • with oral caps
  • no glowing or lightening effect
  • thinks that saluta isn’t compatible to her body
  • switched to tationil

From tam_syaoran08 cosmo forum


  • Tried 2 boxes of saluta, but no effect.
  • Tatiomax was more effective for her.

Additional information

Weight .7 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm