Metathione Glutathione Capsules – Met Tathione

Metathione Glutathione Capsules – Met Tathione

Metathione is a glutathione skin whitening product in capsule form and is also called Met or Met Tathione. Below are some useful feedback and information about this product.

Different results for Different People

There are a number of factors why results vary, like metabolism, weight and etc. Our advise is to try out and see the actual effect of a product on your skin.

User Positive Feedback:

From djcnl06:

advantage: it makes my sleep peaceful despite the summer heat

disadvantage: i get a breakout, those annoying little breakouts… i just had a diamond peel a week ago so i  should not get breakouts until few days before my period. they say it should clear it out, i do not see the clearing.

daily observation / transition: i feel my skin is getting lighter but not much but i don’t see the glow yet.

start date + daily dose: July 6 2014 2 capsules after breakfast ( i am on night shift so its better to take the caps after my suppose to be dinner – which is breakfast for normal people ),227378.msg7866553.html#msg7866553


  • work is night shift
  • slept good
  • got annoying breakouts
  • felt skin getting lighter, but not that much

From m_lim:

saken naman naging effective mga 3months. dapat sabayan rin ng healthy living para glowing talaga.

nagugulat lang ako sa gluta thread, yung iba few weeks palang meron na daw effect. ngek, ano yun magic?!!! hahahaha,227378.msg7900598.html#msg7900598

– Effective on her

User Negative Feedback:

From ilovejdy:

i tried this and even after just one day i got zits na agad.
another friend who continued using it despite my warning got major breakout
its horrible talaga. pero matigas ulo niya eh. sayang daw kasi pinambili niya. anyway, i think the algatrium from the new formula caused the zits on me.. kasi i tried the old formula which was okay naman.,227378.msg7956320.html#msg7956320

  • Got pimples after a day of taking MET
  • Another friend also got major pimple breakout
  • Suspected that new formula which contains algatrium caused the pimples

From cheng2:

hindi ako hiyang sa metathione. wala ako napansin changes sa skin ko nong gumagamit pa ako nito hayyy.,227378.msg7410724.html#msg7410724

– not effective on her skin


  • L-Glutathione 500 mg
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid 100 mg
  • Vitamin C 250mg

What’s the recommended dosage?

Dosage also depends on your goal and weight. 1 to 2 capsules per day -If you are taking this for anti-ageing or as an anti-oxidant

For skin whitening:

  • 3-4 capsules/day – light brown or morena skin tone, and above 70 kilos
  • 4-6 capsules/day – for black skin
  • 1-2 capsule/day – for those that already have a light complexion

For maintenance:

  • 1 capsule daily

How long to take it:

  • medium to brown skin – 3-6 months
  • dark brown skin – 6-13 months
  • very dark skin – 12-24 months
  • black skin – 24 months

Benefits of Metathione:

  • make skin fairer, rosy white, and fairer
  • heals dark spots left by acne
  • helps lighten the bikini lines and underarms
  • maintains clear vision

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