KB Glutathione & Reviews – KB Glutanac + NAC + RoseHips – Does it Work?

KB Glutathione & Reviews – KB Glutanac + NAC + RoseHips – Does it Work?

KB Glutathione

Kyusoku Bihaku(KB) contains optimum dosage of N-Acetylcysteine(NAC), which is a glutathione precursor. This means that it tells the body to produce more gluta. This works best with its Pure Rosehips, which has a rich source of Vitamin C.

Benefits of Rosehips instead of just Vitamin C

This provides more nutrients to the body. Aside from Vit C, it contains Vit A and B, anti-oxidant flavonoids that help fight viruses, allergy & tumors, and essential fatty acids. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which helps people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

KB offers to effectively make the skin whiter and younger looker compared to other oral gluta supplements.

  • Whitens skin
  • Helps in making the skin smoother
  • Gives rosy white glow
  • Anti-aging
  • Liver detoxification


From Anthea Elisa of tellycopter tumblr:



  • Took it once a day
  • noticed immune system got boosted
  • her officemates noticed her lighter and glowing skin after 3 months
  • coupe of shades lighter
  • worth the 1000 pesos per month
  • experienced breakouts

Used it with:

  • Cyleina Black Pearl – Bought at Watsons here in Philippines. This is a little bit expensive but effective. Also used it on body, but on face, only once a week because it’s a bit harsh.
  • Celeteque Brightening – Washed face regularly with this.
  • A’bonne Spa Milk Salt and Lulur – used once/twice a week
  • No permanent lotion, but used any of these – Nivea Extra Whitening, Lander Cocoa Butter, Kojic, Marks and Spencer Rose, One Naturales Body Butter

From Phoebe of phoebekhaylim.blogspot.com

KB GLUTATHIONE- I used this for the longest time, it will give you smooth, silky pinkish white glow. I stopped because I’ve noticed that this made me earn extra pounds. Talk about whitening, KB did not give me noticeable white just glow.. However, if your using injectables this is perfect for non-IV days. You will really achieve celebrity skin.


From Kaycee of kikaysikat



  • Took for a couple of months
  • no significant whitening
  • appetite increased and gained weight
  • wasn’t satisfied



– contains a number of before and after pictures

Complete Whitening Set Package:

  • Glutathione + N-Acetyl Cysteine – 30 capsules
  • Vitamin C Rosehips – 30 capsules
  • BFAD Approved
  • Made in Japan

Recommended Dosage and Use:

  • GlutaNAC and Vitamin C Rosehips 1 capsule each per day
  • Recommended to be taken on an empty stomach or before meals. Those that have hyperacidity can take this 5 minutes for their meal.


YUMEIMISE Manufacturing and MDSE Inc. in Japan


  • Users may experience minor headache
  • For those pregnant, better to not take this

This product has enhanced skin complexion, giving a vibrant and healthier looking skin. Young professionals and teenagers can easily get this product because it is affordable, widely available, and effective.

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