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Glutathione and Its Purposes

Prior to being seen as a skin whitener, glutathione was promoted as an antioxidant. Because of the elements in its make up, it helps with fighting free radicals that destroys good cells. This antioxidant is also linked to fighting chronic inflammation and boosting Vitamins in the body, specifically vitamins C and E. It is important to maintain a sufficient amount of Glutathione in the body since low levels leave people at risks of brain and heart diseases, immune and liver dysfunctions, cancer and death.

Glutathione Substitutes

Fortunately, there are many different types of Glutathione substitutes that can be taken and they are available on natural health food stores, while others are in the foods that we eat. Some common substitutes are as follows: glutamine, alpha-lipoic acid, methionine, and undenatured whey, spinach, broccoli, raw tomatoes, avocadoes, and asparagus.
Causes of Glutathione Depletion

Strong Antioxidant

Because glutathione is good for the body, sometimes the body cannot produce enough to fight off all of the toxins and free radicals that attack the body. According the medical profession, it also known to be one of the most powerful antioxidants naturally produced. When glutathione is being produced at the proper levels, it fights off many of the diseases that affect the body, while it also slows down the aging process.

Pills vs. IV

Based on information from the European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, glutathione is more effective when administered by IV instead of the patient taking a pill. Since studies have shown that there is no significant benefit to taking this supplement orally, medical professionals are recommending IV. The primary difference between the two is when taking orally it cannot be absorbed properly in the intestines. Thereby making the IV the most effective method of getting in the body quickly.

Skin Whitener

Though the original natural design of glutathione is to fight off diseases and other conditions in the body, it is also well known for being a skin whitener/lightener. Consequently, in countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Nigeria, Africa, and other countries with dark-skinned people, it is being used to prevent discolorations of the skin and aging.

Causes of Glutathione Depletion

People who want to make sure that they have sufficient amounts of Glutathione will also need to know how it is depleted. Based on research studies, several of the most common ways include alcohol, smoking, harmful UV rays, the aging process, and stress. Therefore, one way to keep these levels generating in proper amounts, people can take the supplements listed above to replenish the body. Additionally, it is essential to get enough exercise without over doing it. Today, this is now being called the mother of all detoxifiers. In fact, experts around the world are promoting it as an immune system booster, detoxifier and antioxidant.

Here are some nutrients that help boost GSH production and whitens skin (more information will still be provided):

  •     Alpha Lipoic Acid
  •    NAC
  •     L-Cysteine
  •     Vitamin C